iwish i could erase you from my memories and my life completely.

you’re so frustrating. especially with your friends, once you have your friends i become irrelevant and you dont bother initiating anything or talking. i ask if u want to call and i got rejected 3 times. you reply me lama banget. then when you’re alone and lonely baru you keep asking where i am what im doing,

then you always accuse me of cheating, lying, hiding whatever shit when i have never done anyhting like that. i have always been honest with u.then you accuse me of always treating u bad like a slave when thats not true at all. when im healthy and fit i pick u up, i drop u off. i clean for u i cook for u i do your laundry all you do in my house is play and eat and sleep. 

now you dont even bother to fix anything, its like im talking to a robot, it just makes me feel even more frustrated. a relationship will not work anyway if it was just one person talking and another agreeing. whatever youre doing if you think its making me feel better or happier youre wrong and youre just making me more aggravated and frustrated and made me lose hope in this.